Cristian Anthony Vallejo

Little cousin to gallery founder Marcus Xavier Chormicle, Cristian was the inspiration to create an art space in Downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico dedicated to the mission of uplifting artists whose work aims to create cultural and communal conversation that goes beyond art for the sake of art and generates real change on a communal level. In 2020, Cristian passed away but his spirit forever lives on in the lives he touched. 

Gallery Founder

Marcus Xavier Chormicle is Las Cruces local who grew up with a huge love of art and had the immense fortune to have a support system that encouraged him to pursue a creative lifestyle. In 2020 after spending several years in Phoenix, Arizona he returned home and founded the CAV Gallery to create a space with the intention of asserting the value of the Las Cruces community and to connect artists in Cruces and the greater Southwest to opportunities. 


Insta: @Chormicle


Barricade Culture Shop
@CAV Gallery

Barricade Culture Shop, founded by the artist Saba, reopened in 2021 at the Cristian Anthony Vallejo Memorial Gallery, bringing culture and skate supplies back to Downtown Las Cruces.


Insta: @Sabawear

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