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El Santo Niño Project
Local Group Exhibition

El Santo Niño Project, is a one night fine art exhibition and silent auction of artworks donated to raise money for the purpose of buying high quality art supplies to be given away to aspiring young artists, ages 20 and below.

Started by Ernesto Moncada (@stolengroceries4sale ), and in collaboration with the CAV Gallery, El Santo Niño Project is an ongoing effort that aims to provide resources to Las Cruces’ young artists. In October 2021, Ernesto sold t-shirts with the image of el Santo Niño on them, raising $1,200. That initial fund, plus all proceeds from the art auction on Jan 7 will be used to purchase art supplies at cost from Mas Art Frame and Art Supplies. On February 4, 2022, beginning at 4pm, the art supplies will be distributed on a first come first serve basis to kids at the Fine Art Flea Market at Plaza de Las Cruces. The specific art supplies will be determined by how much money is raised, which will be communicated through the CAV Gallery Instagram on January 8.

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