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Tú Eres Tú
Group Exhibition

Tú Eres Tú, the grand opening exhibition of the Cristian Anthony Vallejo Memorial Gallery (CAV Gallery). Makes reference to the novel Alburquerque by New Mexican author Rudolfo Anaya. The show carries themes from the novel around self definition of identity amidst a backdrop of cyclical narratives of family.

The group show will feature works by artists from New Mexico as well international artists working in photography, sculpture, painting and video. The works will both celebrate positive cycles of identity formation passed down by family, such as resemblance, heritage, and tradition, as well critiquing negative aspects of these cycles, like the systematic loss of language, abuse and addiction. Ultimately the show aims to create space for individuals to define themselves in relation to their own families, both by blood and choice, through the breaking and claiming of cycles.

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