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The Sun Ate My Heart Whole

from Alfonso Fonseca


CAV Gallery Proudly Presents: 

The Sun Ate My Heart Whole
A solo exhibition from Alfonso Fonseca

The second to last exhibition at CAV Gallery

Opening Reception: May 5, 6-9pm

Alfonso Fonseca's "The Sun Ate My Heart Whole" is a exploration of labor, inspired by the artist's personal history of working in landscaping and pool cleaning when he was younger. Fonseca's parents were immigrants from Mexico, and much of his work is centered on Latinx and Chicanx history. The exhibition showcases multiple projects, like “Toil the Brown Earth”, about the farm workers movement in Arizona, “The Galilee Center”, which explores a shelter based in California that helps and houses farm workers and refugees, and new works that explores the Fonseca’s personal relationship with labor. Using an array of mediums including photography, mixed media collages, textiles, sculptures, and even video installation, Fonseca's work speaks to the physical and emotional toll that labor will take on workers. His pieces reflect how historically capitalism has naturally exploited and abused workers with dangerous work conditions, in many cases causes long term physical trauma He also works with materials typically associated with labor, such as concrete, plywood, and work gloves. While Also juxtaposing them with soft fabrics and yarns. 
Through this exhibition, Fonseca is able to explore his own relationship to labor and the memories of working in the harsh sun that have stayed with him. He explores the Chicanx and Mexican Labor rooted in his cultural understanding of his own family and its place in American history.

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